The Dangers of Hiring a Cheap Wedding Photographer

One of the most important vendors to hire on your special day is a wedding photographer who can take beautiful pictures to help you remember the event. Unfortunately, many couples get fooled by clueless amateurs who represent themselves as professional photographers. On average, most couples in the UK spend about £1200 on a wedding photographer, but some people hope to save money by hiring photographers who advertise their services for as low as £400.

Often the cost of a wedding photographer can determine whether the photos are poor, average or amazing. A professional will spend hours editing photos which will form part of the price. Therefore often a cheaper one spends no time editing the photos to put that extra touch of master class into them.

When looking at wedding photography porfolios across the internet you can easily compare Lee Glasgow Wedding Photographers to the cheaper ones available and see a huge difference in photo quality. The average ones not quite having that extra touch of class.

Though a cheap cost may be tempting and a photographer’s website might look decent, you risk many things if you hire an unusually cheap photographer.

Horrible and Unprofessional Service

A amateur photographer typically does not know how to set up good photographs, and this type of cheap photographer may not provide the best customer service. One couple from Leeds, Paul and Chareen Wheatley, found this out the hard way when they hired a student photographer. She was paid £500 for 9 hours of work, but after taking a few poorly set-up shots before the ceremony, the photographer only took 15 pictures during their wedding reception. Instead of taking shots of the wedding party and guests, she spent her time playing around and taking selfies. Though the Wheatleys managed to successfully sue the photographer and win back their money, others are not always as lucky.

Poorly Composed Shots

Part of the value of a real photographer is that they know how to properly compose and frame an image. A bad photographer does not know how to direct people, so you may risk ending up with a wedding album that is just pictures of the wedding party standing in a basic line or simple headshots. These badly framed and composed pictures tend to look dated and unattractive. A good photographer poses members of the wedding party to get images that look classic and elegant while still appearing natural.

Wedding Pictures That Just Look Bad

Even if a cheap wedding photographer has nice equipment, the final project can look awful when the “photographer” is not properly trained to use the expensive equipment. This can result in ugly pictures where the coloring is often completely imbalanced. One of the biggest problems with cheap photographers is that their images may end up looking fuzzy, out of focus, too dark, too light, or even crooked. Though some of these issues can be fixed with Photoshop, you risk ending up with improperly taken pictures that cannot be repaired.

Where to find wedding photographers

Before booking a face to face consultation is essential, therefore it’s best to find someone local to your wedding. You can ask for referals from friends who have already got married or you can search within your area on an online wedding planner to find local wedding photographers. Make sure you check out the photographers portfolio and ensure they have a clear plan for how to snap your big day