Fabulous Ideas for that Small Wedding

While we may all spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at those exotic location destination weddings or gazing with envy at the post on 30 wedding send off ideas for the perfect exit, face facts. Most of us simply can’t afford these fairy tale weddings. Or it may just be that you would prefer a small wedding, with just your immediate family and a few choice special friends. No matter the reason, there are plenty of great ways you can have that small intimate wedding ceremony and still make it one to remember.

Backyard Weddings

This has to be my favorite location for a small intimate wedding ceremony. It is personal, especially if it takes place in your own back yard. But it can be beautiful, especially if you take your vows under your favorite tree or along a stream you always enjoyed on a hot day. While many of us live in big cities and don’t have access to a backyard, I would include the local urban park in this category, especially if it is a place you treat like a back yard.

You can make this type of wedding special by creating a circle of chairs to witness your marriage ceremony. This will make your guests feel as if they are truly a part of the ceremony. While decorating should be kept simple, a little white here and there to create that feeling of lightness is always a great idea for a backyard wedding. A simple wedding arch can also add a focus to the yard if it is big enough to accommodate it.

Beach Weddings

While many of us think of these as destination weddings and big expensive deals, they don’t have to be. If you are both big lovers of the beach, especially if you live near one, you may want a small private wedding on your favorite beach. It can be a casual affair, with colorful Hawaiian shirts for the guys and easy long skirts for the gals. Or you could have everyone show up with their surfboards, ready to take on that next great wave after the ceremony to celebrate. The important thing is that this is your place, the one that both of you find is part of your relationship and so the best place for your small intimate ceremony.

Heading to the Country

While so many of us live in the city, not everyone is from the big city. You just may be the couple that find your time out in the country is the best. This may make having a small wedding out on a farm or country inn the perfect place to exchange those vows. If you have a relative who still has a farm or orchard or ranch, all the better. For many couples who love the country, keeping the ceremony simple and the guest list small is all part of returning to the simple life. So, take it out to the country, and celebrate all that you love about both this special person and the thing you both share a love for, the countryside.